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Model JC 46 250 - 350 AMP DC Contactor

JCY 46 DC Contactor
250 - 350 Amp Rating, Coil Voltage 12 V to 240 VDC

JC 46 Series contactor is rated at 250 - 350 amps. This versatile unit is available in coil voltages from 12 V through to 240 VDC. It can be mounted in pairs or a triple assembly on a bracket, together with interconnecting electrical links to suit customer needs. The JCM type has a built-in failsafe. If both coils are energized simultaneously, the contact design creates an open circuit.

There are options available for the JC 46 Series:

  • Magnetic Blow-Outs - Normally used on all inductive load applications and on resistive loads when switching voltages higher than 48 VDC
  • Auxiliary Switches - Available on the JC Series and rated 5 amps at 24 VDC
  • Large Contacts - Used mainly in severe applications such as pump motor switching. The suffix “L” denotes the large contacts.
  • Specifications +

    Main Contact Data
    Resistive Load Rating, Continuous Duty 400 AMPS
    Inductive Load Rating, Continuous Duty 300 AMPS
    Current Rating By Reduced Duty Cycle
    70% Duty 315 AMPS
    60% Duty 340 AMPS
    50% Duty 380AMPS
    40% Duty 410 AMPS
    30% Duty 475 AMPS
    Contact Voltage, Max.
    JCA460 & JCB460 48V D.C.
    JCA467 & JCB467 96V D.C.
    JCC460 & JCM460 48V D.C.
    JcC467 & JCM467 96V D.C.
    JCD460 & JCV460 48V D.C.
    JCD467 & JCV467 96V D.C.
    JCY460 48V D.C.
    JCY467 96V D.C.
    Contact Voltage Drop, Typical
    JCA460 & JCB460 <40mV
    JCD460 & JCV460 <50mV
    JCC460 & JCM460 (normally open contacts) <40mV
    JCC460 & JCM460 (normally closed contacts) <50mV
    ARC Rupture Currents Per UL 583
    JCA460 & JCL460 2500 AMPS at 48V D.C.
    JCA467 & JCL467 1500 AMPS at 96V D.C.
    JCC460 & JCM460* 2500 AMPS at 48V D.C.
    JCC467 & JCM467* 1500 AMPS at 96V D.C.
    JCD460 & JCV460 2500 AMPS at 48V D.C.
    JCD467 & JCV467 1500 AMPS at 96V D.C.
    *Normally open contacts, not normally closed contacts  
    Overload Currents Per UL 508
    JCY460 & JCA460 & JCL460 600 AMPS at 60V D.C.
    JCC460 & JCD460 600 AMPS at 60 V D.C.
    JCM460 & JCV460 600 AMPS at 60V D.D.
    Coil Data
    Coil Power Dissipation  
    Intermittently duty coil 31-70 Watts
    Continuous duty coils 14-20 Watts
    Maximum pull-in voltage (coil at 25OC)  
    Intermittently duty coils <60% VDC Nominal
    Continuous duty coils <66% VDC Nominal
    Maximum drop-out voltage <25% VDC Nominal
    Operate Times - Typical
    Pull-in time (n/o contacts to close) <40ms
    Typical contact bounce period <5ms
    Drop-out time (n/o contacts to open)  
    No suppression <20ms
    Zener/Zener or Zener/Diode Suppression <20ms
    Varistor suppression <24ms
    Diode and resistor suppression 23-80ms
    Diode Suppression <100ms
    Main contact changeover time (JAC4600 & JAM4600)  
    Normally closed to normally open <11ms
    Normally open to normally closed <6ms
    Auxillary Contact Data
    Thermal current rating 5 AMPS
    Current capacity, resistive load 5A at 24V D.C.
    2A at 48V D.C.
    0.5A at 240V D.C.
    miscellaneous Design Details
    Blow Out Magnets 48 - 96 VDC Contacts
    Temperature Range -20o C TO + 50o C
    Mechanical Life >3 x 10 5thpower
    IP Code: IP31 PER IEC 60529
    RoHS Compliant  
    Material Handling UL File Au2277
    Telecom UL File E161810
  • Certifications +

    UL Certifications for JC46:

    Industrial Truck Accessories, Battery Powered - Component

    Power Distribution Centers for Communications Equipment - Component
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