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Model JEY48 350 - 600 AMP Magnetic Latching Contactor

Model JEY 48 Magnalatch
Up to 60 VDC, 450 - 600 Amps

The MAGNA-LATCH TM Latched Low Voltage Disconnect Contactor is more compact than traditional low voltage disconnects. The permanent magnet holds the contact closed. Momentary power to the coil closes the contact, while a momentary reverse power signal to the coil opens the contact. The MAGNA-LATCH TM also uses the same bus bars available on traditional electrically held contactors.

Optional features of the MAGNA-LATCH TM include special coil voltage silver-plated bus bars, custom bus bars, mounting studs and nuts in bus bars, and additional auxiliary contacts. Screw coil terminals, side mounted feet for horizontal mounting and a rectifier for AC coil operation are additional optional features.

  • Coil heat is eliminated
  • Reduces need for redundant power control
  • 24 VDC units suitable for use on 48 VDC systems
  • Designed to remain closed for 20 years
  • Fail safe - contacts open or close only when appropriate signal is applied
  • Specifications +

    Model JEY48
    Configuration SPST, Latching
    I Thermal 600 AMPS
    Resistive Load 600 AMPS
    Overload 900 AMPS
    Contact Voltage 0 - 60 VDC
    Operate Times - Typical
    Minimum pulse time 150mS
    Auxiliary Contact Data
    Thermal current rating 5 AMPS
    Configuration SPDT
    Miscellaneous Design Details
    Temperature Range - 20C to + 50C
    IP Code IP31 per IEC 60529
    RoHS Compliant Yes
    TELECOM Certification - UL E161810
    Material Handling Certification -
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