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Metal Case Solenoid SAS

Metal case Solenoid SAS

Coil Voltages: 6 to 72 VDC
100/200 AMP

AMETEK Switch Type SAS Solenoid Switches are available with 100 amp or 200 amp current rating for use in intermittent (2 minute max on time), intermittent heavy duty (10 minute max on time) or continuous duty applications. The contact configuration is Single Pole Single Throw, Normally Open (SPST NO). Various mounting configurations and wiring options are available. The electrical life rating for the SAS solenoid switch is 50,000 cycles. The two-piece heavy duty metal case is zinc-plated for maximum corrosion protection and is especially resistant to damage from road debris, making it suitable for a variety of harsh condition applications.

  • Zinc-Plated Steel Case
  • Continuous and Intermittent Duty Coils
  • 6 to 72 VDC Coil Voltages
  • Up to 200 Amp Continuous Load
  • Copper or Silver Alloy Contacts
  • Moving Contacts Disk
  • SPST-NO Contacts
  • Electrical Life of >50,000 Cycles
  • UL Approved versions are available