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Model JAG-6 50 - 150 AMP AC Contactor

Model JAG 6 DC Contactor
Enclosed AC Contactors for Military Applications

The AMETEK Switch 50 - 150 AMP contactor was first designed to meet the environment requirements of military applications. After thorough testing, the basic design was modified  to provide a lower cost contactor for commercial generator set applications. These sealed explosion-proof contactors are designed for any standard 3-phase load as well as standard DC ampere loads.
All models feature compact size. The measurements are 3.5” W, 3.7" L and 3.74" H.

The electrical design and construction of these contactors incorporate the standard AMETEK Switch quality features of our heavy-duty industrial DC contactors.

Other Special Features:

  • The contactors are gasket-sealed and vented, and designed to meet all environmental requirements of MIL-R-6106.
  • The contactor for commercial application is a modified version of the military model. It also meets the sealed and vented enclosure requirements for explosion-proof operation.
  • The actuators of these contactors use precision tooled iron parts currently in large volume DC contactor production.
  • All contactors are brazed to copper bridges and bus bars, and are silver plated for maintenance-free operation.
  • Heavy=duty solid state rectifier module for AC input coil power is available.
  • Heavy-duty environmental resistant coils are designed for efficient, quiet operation and a long service life.
  • Proven phase barrier materials are employed for maximum safety during operation.
  • Interlock switches are available for control circuit switching.
  • Specifications +

    Model JAG-6
    Configuration 3PST, N.O.
    I Thermal 60 AMPS - PHASE
    70 AMPS - PHASE
    120 AMPS - PHASE
    150 AMPS - PHASE
    Resistive Load 60 AMPS, 200 VAC, 400 Hz
    70 AMPS, 200 VAC, 400 Hz
    120 AMPS, 115/200 VAC, 400 Hz
    150 AMPS, 115/200 VAC, 400 Hz
    Overload 1000 AMPS @ 200 VAC MAX
    1500 AMPS @ 200 VAC MAX
    Inductive Load


    Arc Rupture


    TELECOM Certification


    Material Handling Certification


  • Certifications +

    Designed to meet all environmental requirements of MIL-R-6106
  • Diagrams +