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Model JA 46 100 - 150 AMP DC Contactor

Model JA 46 DC Contactor
100 - 150 Amp Rating, Coil Voltage 12 V to 240 VDC

AMETEK Switch 46 Series DC Contactors are designed to fit a wide range of applications including electric forklift trucks, DC winches, electric vehicles, and more recently to the telecommunications industry. The 46 Series is of a modular design construction, featuring a quick assembly and disassembly with the removal of two screws. This format offers the user an easier and cost effective way to servicing. The availability of different mounting styles offers greater flexibility and with space a premium, makes this design a requirement. This 100 - 150 amp contactor is available in coil voltages from 12 V through to 240 VDC, in both continuous and intermittent duty. It is also tested to withstand a mechanical life of 3 million cycles. The AMETEK Switch 46 Series is a high-performance quality, low cost, versatile contactor with totally interchangeable contacts. With all of the above attributes, the 46 Series is a truly dependable DC contactor.

There are options available for the JA 460 Series:

  • Magnetic Blow-Outs - Normally used when switching voltages higher than 48 VDC
  • Auxiliary Switches - Available on all JA Series except the JAD and JAV styles. Rated 5 amps at 24 VDC
  • Large Contacts - Used mainly in severe applications such as pump motor switching. The suffix “L” denotes the large contacts.
  • Specifications +

    Main Contact Data
    Resistive Load Rating, Continuous Duty 125 AMPS
    Inductive Load Rating, Continuous Duty 100 AMPS
    Optional Continuous Duty Rating for JAY466 & JAA466 150 AMPS
    Current Rating By Reduced Duty Cycle
    70% Duty 120 AMPS
    60% Duty 130 AMPS
    50% Duty 150 AMPS
    40% Duty 160 AMPS
    30% Duty 180 AMPS
    Contact Voltage, Max.
    JAA460 & JAB460 48V D.C.
    JAA467 & JAB467 96V D.C.
    JAC460 & JAM460 48V D.C.
    JAC467 & JAM467 96V D.C.
    JAD460 & JAV460 48V D.C.
    JAD467 & JAV467 96V D.C.
    JAY460 48V D.C.
    JAY467 96V D.C.
    Contact Voltage Drop, Typical
    JAA460 & JAB460 <40mV
    JAD460 & JAV460 <50mV
    JAC460 & JAM460 (normally open contacts) <40mV
    JAC460 & JAM460 (normal closed contacts) <50mV
    ARC Rupture Currents Per UL 583
    JAA460 & JAL460 800 AMPS at 46V D.C.
    JAA467 & JAL467 800 AMPS at 96V D.C.
    JAC460 & JAM460* 800 AMPS at 48V D.C.
    JAC467 & JAM467* 800 AMPS at 96V D.C.
    JAD460 & JAV460 800 AMPS at 48V D.C.
    JAD467 & JAV467 800 AMPS at 96V D.C.
    *Normally open contacts, not normally closed contacts  
    Overload Currents Per UL 508
    JAY460 & JAA460 & JAL460 188 AMPS at 60V D.C.
    JAY466 & JAA466 & JAL466 225 AMPS at 60 V D.C.
    JAC460 & JAD460 188 AMPS at 60V D.C.
    JAM460 & JAV460 188 AMPS at 60V D.C.
    Coil Data
    Coil Power Dissipation  
    Intermittently duty coil 15-20 Watts
    Continuous duty coils 7-14 Watts
    Maximum pull-in voltage (coil at 25OC)  
    Intermittently duty coils <60% VDC Nominal
    Continuous duty coils <66% VDC Nominal
    Maximum drop-out voltage <25% VDC Nominal
    Operate Times - Typical
    Pull-in time (n/o contacts to close) <20ms
    Typical contact bounce period <5ms
    Drop-out time (n/o contacts to open)  
    No suppression <5ms
    Zener/Zener or Zener/Diode Suppression <5ms
    Varistor suppression <9ms
    Diode and resistor suppression 8-20ms
    Diode Suppression <50ms
    Main contact changeover time (JAC4600 & JAM4600)  
    Normally closed to normally open <7ms
    Normally open to normal closed <4ms
    Auxillary Contact Data
    Thermal current rating 5 AMPS
    Current capacity, resistive load SA at 24V D.C.
    2A at 48V D.C.
    0.5A at 240V D.C.
    Miscellaneous Design Details
    Blow Out Magnets 48 - 96 VDC Contacts
    Temperature Range -20C to +50C
    Mechanical Life >3 x 10 5thpower
    IP Code: IP31 PER IEC 60529
    RoHS Compliant  
    Material Handling UL File Au2277
    Telecom UL File E161810
  • Certifications +

    UL Certifications for JA46:

    Industrial Truck Accessories, Battery Powered - Component

    Power Distribution Centers for Communications Equipment - Component 
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