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For more than 100 years, AMETEK Switch has designed and manufactured a comprehensive line of high quality DC contactors and solenoids for a wide range of applications. AMETEK Switch is a unit of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electrochemical devices with more than 100 manufacturing facilities, sales and service centers around the world. To learn more about the many divisions of AMETEK, please visit us at

DC Contactors
AMETEK Switch DC contactors are used in applications relying on a dependable power source including forklifts, electric vehicles, luxury boats, telecommunication systems, welding, uninterruptible power supplies and ground power generation.

AMETEK’s exclusive MagnalatchTM family of patented protected designs handle currents of up to 2,000 amps and offer an economical option for applications not requiring significant amounts of contactor switching.

AMETEK Solenoids are used in applications requiring economical dependability including forklifts, automotive, electric vehicles, agricultural and golf carts. Solenoids are available in metal and plastic case housings. 

AMETEK Switch contactors are known for reliability and performance in critical applications like those found in aerospace power distribution systems. 


Aerospace 400 Amp Contactor
  Introducing our new 400 Amp Contactor made for Aerospace and Military applications. Our contactors are known for reliability and performance, making them perfect for critical applications.