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Aerospace Contactor Family

JDA8510MCAA Aerospace Contactor 400 A

Available in 200 A / 28 VDC or 400 A / 28 VDC

AMETEK Switch contactors are known for reliability and performance in critical applications like those found in aerospace power distribution systems. 

A contactor is an electromechanical device used to switch high current loads with a remote low current control signal. When power is applied to the control assembly, the energized coil causes the contact assembly to move. In a normally open (NO) configuration, this will cause the contacts to close when the power is applied to the coil and then open again when the coil is no longer energized.

The JDA8510MCAA contactor is rated for 400 amp continuous duty and utilizes an economizer coil to reduce the power to under 200 mA required to keep the contactor closed. The solenoid is sealed in a very compact configuration with a total weight under 380 g. This contactor also includes auxiliary contacts rated at 4 amps.

General Specifications: 

  • 400 Amp Inductive Load
  • Continuous Duty
  • 28 VDC Nominal
  • Economized Coil
  • Busbar Mounting
  • -55°C - 85°C
  • 80,000 Ft Altitude
  • 3 PDT, 2 PST - 1 NO/NC
  • MIL-R-6106J